Dear Guests and Friends,

I trust you are all still doing okay despite the various lock-downs and precautionary measures taken by different Governments to keep us all safe from the Covid-19 virus.

Very little is available on the internet about the impact of Covid-19 here on Sabang and also in general in Banda Aceh and the Aceh Province. I will try and keep you updated as things evolve, to also assist you with your holiday planning and a trip over to us here at Freddies on Sabang.

At this stage very quiet here on Sabang. The whole tourism sector has closed down due to the Covid-19 regulations implemented by the local Government. The situation on Sabang is still not easy. If anyone wishes to come to Sabang, they must first quarantine for two weeks. And at this stage all tourist attractions are still closed. All beaches closed. No diving or snorkeling allowed. All restos still not allowed to open. Only one car ferry per day at 10:00 with limited numbers of passengers allows in order to keep a safe distance from each other. That is why, at this stage, our resort and restos still closed. All our staff are on extended leave with basic pay and health benefits until further notice. Not sure when things will normalize so we can start receiving guests. Things are not easy for all of us

But up to now not a single positive case of Covid-19 yet here on Sabang. Despite the fact that these regulations are harsh, it is working and keeping us safe. Sooo much to be grateful for. In the whole of Aceh Province the official information is only 7 positive cases, 4 patients recovered and only 1 death. 2 patients currently receiving hospital treatment.

To all our Muslim friends, may the holy month of  Ramadan starting on the 24th  April, be a month full of blessings, despite the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Talk to you all again soon.

Warm regards, take care and stay safe, Freddie.

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