Freddies Update (Covid-19 and Freddie’s Garden)

Thank you for the amazing response we had with last week’s post. We really appreciate your support. And I hope you are all still doing okay, safe and protected.

With Covid-19 all still going well here on Sabang. Still not a single positive case. We are very fortunate!!! But still not easy. From the 10th May the island is under lock down as far as access is concerned. No one can get in and no one can get out. The ferries no longer carry any passengers. Only cargo delivered to Sabang. But apart from that live basically normal. We go out to exercise every morning, the shops …..

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Freddies Update (Covid-19 and Freddies Skywalk)

As promised I will send you updates on how the Covid-19 situation evolve here on Sabang and Aceh in general with the hope that it will assist you to plan future trips to Sabang and also to come and stay with us here at Freddies.

As of yesterday Sabang had no positive case yet. Since the start of the pandemic there have been 36 people under home quarantine and 1 person under observation. All cases ….

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