Dear guests and friends,

As promised I will send you updates on how the Covid-19 situation evolve here on Sabang and Aceh in general with the hope that it will assist you to plan future trips to Sabang and also to come and stay with us here at Freddies.

As of yesterday Sabang had no positive case yet. Since the start of the pandemic there have been 36 people under home quarantine and 1 person under observation.  All cases have been resolved.

To date Aceh had 11 positive cases of which 8 recovered, 2 currently hospitalized and 1 death.

The situation in Aceh is well under control but is subject to the situation in Indonesia in general before any international travel will be allowed to the country as a whole.

Here on Sabang the situation is unchanged and the tourism sector on the island as a whole is still “hibernating”.

But here at Freddies things have certainly not been standing still. We are using this quiet time to do a lot of maintenance and upgrading. Due to our very high occupancy rate we are fortunate to have, it is at times very difficult to carry out important maintenance work while we have so many guests staying with us. We are doing a lot of catching up now??!! We are also busy with a number of construction projects to create new facilities here at Freddies. I will be sharing these with you over the next few weeks. But today I want to share with you a very exciting project.

“Freddies Sky Walk”

This walkway will link the 6 new Express rooms, 5 new Economy rooms and 2 new Deluxe Family Rooms with the existing reception and restaurant area. The important factor is that this new walkway will be constructed with ramps instead of steps to make it wheelchair friendly and also easy for the older folks to also enjoy the spectacular view from Freddies Sky Walk.

Enough for now. Talk to you again next week with the latest update on the situation here on Sabang and at Freddies Santai Sumurtiga.

Warm regards to you all, take care and stay safe,


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