Hello to you all,

Thank you for the amazing response we had with last week’s post. We really appreciate your support. And I hope you are all still doing okay, safe and protected.

With Covid-19 all still going well here on Sabang. Still not a single positive case. We are very fortunate!!! But still not easy. From the 10th May the island is under lock down as far as access is concerned. No one can get in and no one can get out. The ferries no longer carry any passengers. Only cargo delivered to Sabang. But apart from that live basically normal. We go out to exercise every morning, the shops are open during the day, restos and small informal shops selling food for buka puasa operate until 1830. After that everything is closed and the island come to a stand-still. Yesterday was a big day here. The Government distributed hampers to all families. A family with mom and dad and 6 children / dependents received 80kg rice, a tray of eggs and 5l cooking oil. There is a very large number of people out of work since the closure of all hotels. Many of those received no pay or anything. They were just let go. Sad. So this gift of yesterday will certainly help many poor families.

In the whole of Aceh Province still only 17 positive cases and the single death. In Banda Aceh most villages are still locked down.

Very quiet here. But that does not mean we are doing nothing!!! We are BUSY. Planting veggies, fruit and herbs and many new plants. Sweet peppers, tomatoes, leeks, papaya, passion fruit, ginger, basil, mint, and so we carry on. I attach 4 photos for you today. Three of “Freddies garden” and then a special one. The new hand-carved door for the access to the new Express and Economy rooms. I think it looks great. Let me know what you think of our garden and the “pintu Aceh” or “doorway to Aceh”, a special style unique to our special Province.

And that is my story for this week. You guys take care and stay safe until we chat again, Freddie.

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