Hi there,

My apologies for such a long absence. Crazy times.

Since we have last spoken, we have opened up our rooms, despite the fact that only local tourists are still allowed onto Sabang. There are still no flights to Banda Aceh. We have also opened up our beach restaurant and we are receiving great support from the local community. We only have a limited menu with all the dishes that are popular with the local market. We still apply social distancing and we sanitize all tables and chairs and utensils. All our guests are also asked to sanitize as they enter our premises. All our rooms are thoroughly sanitized before any guest check into the rooms.

 The Covid-19 situation here on Sabang has deteriorated with our first positive case and a few ODP patients. But the situation is still normal here on Sabang.

In Banda Aceh things have deteriorated to such an extent that the borders have been closed and no private transport allowed in. Only busses are currently allowed. Ferries to Sabang still travelling regularly at 50% seating capacity. Only people from Sabang and Banda Aceh have free access to the ferries. Anyone from outside Banda Aceh but still from Aceh Province must have a valid health certificate. Any person from outside Aceh must undergo a rapid test which they have to pay for themselves. This situation is expected to remain for the foreseeable future.

There are still no international flights allowed into Indonesia with the possibility of some flights to Jakarta and Bali, but for the rest still no international flights.  I am sorry I don’t have better news for our international guests who still have bookings with us. It seems you will not be able to reach us for now. Sorry.

This is all the news we have at the moment. Various construction projects are happening here simultaneously and when things become normal again, you will find a new and upgraded Freddies, still number 1 on Sabang.

Warm regards to you all and take care.


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