Directions to Freddies

freddies sabang

Our Location

Freddies Sabang is situated on the eastern side of Sabang (Weh) Island just off the north coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The island is rich in beauty and culture and is the perfect setting for this amazing piece of paradise we call Freddies Sabang. See the map below.

Indonesian Visas

Three alternatives to consider for entry into Indonesia. Click here for valuable and detailed information as well as the Indonesian Immigration site by clicking  here.

  1. The Indonesian Government extends Visa on Arrival (VoA) to nationals of 61 countries which can be obtained at designated entry airports (including Banda Aceh, Medan and Jakarta) and sea ports. Visa-on-Arrival is valid for 30 days and is extendable with a maximum of another 30 days to be applied at Immigration offices in Indonesia, also at the Immigration office on Sabang. Visas cost US$35.
  2. Foreign nationals from countries that are included in the 169 Visa-Free Country List are entitled to visa exemption and may enter Indonesia from 124 immigration checkpoints (including Banda Aceh) and are granted a 30-day stay that cannot be extended. Mandatory requirements include: passport with minimum 6 months validity and return / through tickets.
  3. Single entry visitors / tourist visa can be obtained at any Consulate or Embassy of Indonesia. It is valid for 60 days and can be extended for a further 60 days. Cost US$50 per application. Visit for further detail about application requirements, etc. 

Island Ferries

To get to Freddies Santai Sumur Tiga from Banda Aceh, you will have to take a ferry from Banda Aceh’s ferry port Ulee Lheue to Sabang’s Balowan ferry port. The ferry costs to and from Sabang vary depending on which Ferry is available and the class you choose to travel. See below for details:

Ferries from Banda Aceh to Sabang: 

Fast ferry 10:00 and 16:00 (also 07:00 on Monday and 08:00 from Friday to Sunday). The trip over approximately 50 to 60 minutes.

Car ferry 07:30, 1030 and 14:30 (Friday 10:00, not 10:30). The trip over approximately 100 to 120 minutes.

Ferries Sabang to Banda Aceh:

Fast ferry 08:00 and 14:30 (also 16:00 from Thursday, Saturday and Sunday; Friday 17:00).

Car ferry 07:30, 1030 and 14:30 (Friday 10:00, not 10:30).

The ferry times are approximate and depend on the weather and the sea conditions. The ferries in general depart on time. Prices for each ferry are different and various classes are available. The higher the class, the higher the price. Fast ferry between Rp80,000 and Rp110,000. Car ferry between Rp35,000 and Rp65,000.

Please be at the port 45 minutes before departure. Advance bookings not required.

Getting to Sabang

To get to Freddies Sabang, one alternative will be to first travel to Banda Aceh on the Main Land of Sumatra in the Aceh Province of Indonesia. There are several flights in to Banda Aceh daily from Medan and the Capital Jakarta with various local airlines including Citilink, Lion Air, Batik Air and the national carrier Garuda.

There are also flights directly from Kuala Lumpur to Banda Aceh 7 days a week with Air Asia and from Penang on certain days of the week with Fire Flyz Budget Airlines and Malindo Air.

Click Here to go to the Air Asia Website.

You can also travel with the overnight VIP buses from Medan to Banda Aceh. There are many buses that do this trip daily and tickets normally freely available. Departure time also vary between 1600 and 2000. Arrival in Banda Aceh around 0800, ample time to make it to the fast ferry departing 1000 to sabang. Prices range between Rp250,000 and Rp350,000 per person. The major bus companies are PMTOH, Pelangi, Kurnia, Pusaka, and Anugerah. In Medan they all have ticket offices on Jl. Gajah Mada.

Ferry Port & Sight Seeing

The ferries to Sabang depart from Banda Aceh’s Ulee Lheue ferry port. From the Banda Aceh Airport, you will need to take a taxi to the Ferry Port. Please note that the taxi fare from the airport to the Ferry Port, is minimum Rp145,000. Please tell them to go to Ulee Lheue Ferry Port. The trip takes approx 30 mins from the airport.

We also have an English speaking driver available for sightseeing, transport to hotels and shuttle between the airport and ferry port and return. Direct trip between airport and ferry port Rp145,000 (up to 3 guests) and Rp160,000 (maximum 5 adults). Sightseeing Rp70,000 per hour. 

If you travel by bus from Medan or any other part of Aceh, it is easy to reach the Ulee Lheue ferry port from the bus terminus by either taxi or beyak. A taxi for this trip will cost in the region of Rp80,000 and a beyak between Rp50,000 and 70,000.

We will gladly assist you to pre-arrange a taxi for you from the airport to the ferry port in Banda Aceh or from the Sabang ferry port to Sumurtiga. Please advise your needs when you make a booking with us for accommodation.

To & From Freddies & Balohan (Ferry Port)

To get to Santai Sumur Tiga from Sabang Ferry Port (Balohan), you will need to take a taxi or bechak. Just ask for Freddies and they will bring you straight to us. Please do not give the Driver any money since they may over-charge you. We only pay the agreed-to Taxi Association rate to the taxis and we will add it to your bill.

On the ferries and taxis small children (under the age of 3) are charged a reduced rate and sometimes even travel for free.

Balohan (Ferry Port)
IDR 35000 / Person
Balohan (Ferry Port)
IDR 30000 / Person

You are welcome to try and negotiate a better rate with the drivers.

General Information

Shariah Law & International Tourists

There is a lot of conflicting information in the international media on this topic. The facts are that the Local Government in Banda Aceh Municipality introduced a number of by-laws in the lead-up to the previous elections. Should these by-laws be approved by the Provincial Government as well as the Muslim Leadership at Provincial level, it may be required of international tourists to dress in terms of the Muslim dress code, for example that females should cover their hair, shoulders, arms and legs.

BUT these by-laws have not been approved at provincial leadership level (and according to local newspapers is not likely to be approved). As a result, at this stage, there is no dress rule applicable to internationals in Banda Aceh.

We do recommend that international tourists, as a show of respect to the local religion and culture, cover their shoulders up to above the elbow with a normal t-shirt and their legs up to above the knee with shorts / a skirt. This is just a suggestion and not a rule. It is up to you to wear what you feel comfortable with when in public.

The same recommendation is also applicable on Sabang whenever you venture out in public. On the resort property, international dress / swimwear welcome. On most beaches around Sabang international swimwear also welcome. Clothing restriction officially apply at Ibob main beach.

Access to Alcohol

Within the whole Province of Aceh, you will not find any alcohol for sale to the general public in any shops.

Only in selected restaurants / hotels will you be able to find a cold beer, a glass of wine or other drinks. In Banda Aceh even these places are regularly raided by the Police. 

On Sabang a different situation. We have informal “approval” to serve alcohol to non-Muslims. So you will find it listed in the English language menu and you are welcome to enjoy a drink anytime and anywhere on our property served in proper glasses and beer mugs. The situation can change depending on the local politics on the island.